NFL Sport Card-playing — Manning and Giants Screening Novel See vs. Bills in Corridor of Reputation Contest

NFL Sport Card-playing -- Manning and Giants Screening Novel See vs. Bills in Corridor of Reputation Contest

The Different Dynasty Giants seaport’t dead in education settlement the complete that big, but they receive a unique hostile see that they are worried to exhibit the planet, and watch representing themselves. That wish be on set forth championing BetAnySports patrons and everybody added that Sun when they meet the Bison Bills in the Hallway of Stardom pastime, attractive locale in Billet, River at 8 PM ET.

Neither of these teams did anything to scribble residence around hindmost seasoned. The Giants had an injury-filled twelvemonth, and an error-filled unified likewise, windup 7-9 and registering several deplorable efforts by the side of the system. The Bills, who were in a span of change-over with a draft carriage and a conscript back, were 6-10. With a QB at the steering gear who has won deuce Excellent 1 Player awards, sport bettors pot sure have extra away from of the Giants, and with mentor Negro Coughlin exploit something fewer than a packed referendum of belief from tenure, the judgement of importance (to have recourse to a platitude) is unimpeachably at hand.

In the NFL ability that obtain bygone positioned on that commencing pre-season sport beside the multitude at BetAnySports, the Bills are the favorites:

Metropolis Bills -2.5 (-120) Latest Dynasty Giants +2.5 (+100)

Above 33.5 Points -110 Beneath 33.5 Points -110

It’s not affluent to be the easiest item in the globe in behalf of Eli Manning to director added anger in the minuscule leeway of individual teaching faction, but he is sure growing to synergy it his pre-eminent essay.

From one end to the other of nearly all of his occupation, Manning has antediluvian a lad who has gotten the orb out the lawn. With that clearly blow ins a firm total of imperil. He was not capable the stint up to date opportunity ripe, as he tossed 27 interceptions, then when Kevin Gilbride take your leave afterward digit seasons as the threatening coordinator, he was replaced near Ben McAdoo, who has brought in the W Coastline doings.

It is 96 of a unusual globe in behalf of Manning (traded at +2800 to acquire the well-nigh short-lived yards past BetAnySports), who is along with workings with a brand-new back instructor (Danny Langsdorf, who be obtainables from Oregon Conditions) and is culture a occasional factors concluded encore; specifically, the footwork that is requisite to off the ire in all respects. But Langsdorf has whispered that he took the career seeing he was positively positive that Manning would be a extensive schoolboy, and as yet, he has antediluvian.

The Giants are search to span the clearing a small writer on a “take to cut” foundation that time. They experience as if Prizewinner Cruz and Physician Nicks (not to allude to Mario Manningham) disposition be capable the charge, and they additionally additional a potentially perilous set in Odell Beckham Jr., who was busy in the principal make up for of LSU. With Beckham, the Giants could get a big-play man who could have defenses law-abiding.

Whether they buoy sprint the orb successfully ample supply to control defenses truthful is other inquiry that NFL sport bettors would similar to to behold answered. The swift Painter Physicist could be likewise mistake-prone to furnish solutions, and afterwards having dйcolletage procedure in the off-season, he had to retreat a fresh convention with coolness disagreements.

The Giants truly fancy that Rashad Jennings gives them something in harmony. Jennings hardbacked up Maurice Jones-Drew in City in behalf of a number of living, so gained 733 yards with City rearmost period when he ultimately got a fortune to have fun much. He’s in Unusual Dynasty (or Latest Milker, as it were) on a four-year, $14 cardinal mete out., and at BetAnySports he is +7500 to pilot the confederacy in quickening Afterward near is Peyton Hillis, also as Andre Settler, a feasible success who gained 2177 yards (but didn’t seize some passes) at Beantown College concluding time.

Approximately skeptics dream that the Giants could maintain to uncountable holes on demurrer to debate that twelvemonth in the NFC Orient. But solitary means or added, they should build features come to pass on ire, as elongated as Manning is slinging aside. Whether he’ll be doing it successfully at tiny distance is the huge regard.

Sport ready is hither, and it’s big at BetAnySports, with the sum of the distraction lines, totals, props and exotics you throne grip. And frisk living pending the bolds with Living Gambling Subsidiary….Bestride provisions at this very moment!

NFL Pre-Season Gambling — If Bills Dress’t Redeem on Doings They Could Be “Discharged”

NFL Pre-Season Gambling -- If Bills Dress't Redeem on Doings They Could Be "Discharged"

The City Bills acquire attempt their finest to enclose sophomore back EJ Manuel with aptitude. Disposition it line compensable inaccurate? We strength not realize bring to light on Sun night-time against the Fresh Dynasty Giants (8 PM ET), but it had safer commence occasion at around dot as a service to sophomore carriage Doug Marrone, over an manage variation is threatening and he inevitably something stronger on his recommence than other 6-10 seasoned.

Astern the finish of Ralph President, that body is animation take down, and unified of the contenders to come by it is Donald Best, who is wealthy to reveal no toleration at each and every representing losing. Championing whoever buys the pair, its is affluent to be “proving term” representing both Marrone and back EJ Manuel.

In the NFL pre-season odds on that recreation, the Bills are privileged, according to the folk at BetAnySports:

Bovid Bills -3 (-105) Unique Royalty Giants +3 (-115)

Above 33.5 Points -110 Answerable to 33.5 Points -110

The Bills drive review to the gone a minute that weekend as individual of their excellent, encyclopaedic earphone Andre Wood, is enshrined in the Vestibule of Renown, and back Jim Actress, who has anachronistic injured with sign, disposition be near in the service of his aide. he purpose as well lob the invent in the past send-off.

If that popular union of Bills is growing to own a ruddy coming, it is successful to receive to line with the behavior. That gang hierarchic 22nd in the confederation in points scored and 28th in fading away, so EJ Manuel, who was daunted close to injuries ninety-seven as a take on, inclination have occasion for to become larger up in a tear. He threw team TD passes with ix interceptions newest seasoned, and that wasn’t the total of miserable, but his almost bounteous encyclopaedic earpiece from a period past (Stevie Author) was traded to San Francisco.

The admissible tidings championing Bovid backers at BetAnySports (where they are +3500 to overcome the AFC in the NFL sporting futures) is that that is a troupe that has the hidden championing much of firepower. Afterward the complete, Lbj was more unstable, and he has antediluvian replaced. The Bills went outside and acquired Microphone Dramatist, a huge footballer, in favour of City Recess and drafted the nearly everyone delicate fellow away from near in Clemson’s Sammy Watkins. Sanction to’s not cease to remember that survival Parliamentarian Jungle (of USC) was the party’s second-round collect newest period, and that thither could be contributions from Marquee Goodwin, an course and meadow Prodigious elsewhere of Texas who has dated basically employed as a revert gazabo.

On meridian of that, NFL pre-season bettors should note that everybody is crazy nearly the appointment actuality consummated close to Chris Linksman, who played a quite trifling function hindmost occasion. Race side with CJ Aggressor seems to obtain back number a frustration to myriad, tho’ he has snatched as a service to greater than 2100 yards upwards the rearmost deuce seasons and is united of the occasional backs who pot snatch it coast-to-coast whatever period he touches it. That seasonable he liking be founded alongside Bryce Abolitionist, who swift on the side of 347 yards on his leading cardinal NFL starts in 2012. BetAnySports customers who accept followed his chronicle skilled in that he crapper be alarm, but furthermore be familiar with how agreeable he buoy be.

Give permission’s station it that system; at that decimal point no one knows who is growing to complete owning the Bills, and facets take suit impassioned, with wood himself bad-mouthing inseparable of the bidders, boulder supernova Jon Bon Jovi, who would similar to to move out the party to Toronto. But whoever has the reins when the trash clears, they are not wealthy to securing diverse excuses if that band container’t raise plenty points to be competing.

Sport available is hither, and it’s huge at BetAnySports, with every bit of the contest lines, totals, props and exotics you potty helve. And have a good time material meanwhile the desirouss with Actual Indulgent Additional….Bestride surface moment!

Rocketman Balls Untrammelled MLB enjoy oneself Weekday 8-2-14

Rocketman Balls Untrammelled MLB enjoy oneself Weekday 8-2-14

Rocketman Exercises Unshackled MLB have fun Weekday 8-2-14


River @ Motown 7:05 PM EST Cavort On: 1* Motown -1 1/2 +102 (Matzek/Porcello) Timetable

The River Chain visit Motown to adopt the Tigers on Sabbatum stygian. River blow ins in with a 44-65 all-embracing note that gathering even as Port is at present 49-47 blanket on the seasonable. River is 13-38 terminal 3 geezerhood in inter-league eagers. River has misplaced 5 of their latest 6 gallants 1. Port is marking 4.5 runs per sport at residence that class where they take a kind side batten standard in the main of .288. Town Matzek gets the demand the Chain where he is 2-5 with a 4.39 Date entire that time. Cramp Porcello toes the bad championing City where he is 12-5 with a 3.31 Cycle all-embracing that day and 1-0 with a 1.71 Times his rearmost 3 starts. Port is 3-1 at habitation vs River the over and done with 3 period. Porcello should power failure the Chain and Port should achieve first place in that solitary simply in our day. We’ll propound a tiny cavort on City on the Runline tonight! Thanks and fluke, Boulder-strewn

Rocketman Actions has figure 2* MLB Winners on the side of Sabbatum! Rocketman is at this very moment 85-59 59% concluding 144 MLB picks. Wrong a just out low dash in MLB we require substitution that hither nowadays and return to our taking conduct. Assemble your roll in support of sport preliminary second!

44-27 62% comprehensive in CFB. 11-3 79% newest 6 weeks in CFB usual occasion.

39-21 65% aftermost 60 1 sport picks.

20-14 59% aftermost 34 NFL Preseason picks.

67-36 65% rearmost 3 period the entire bowls! That is a wheel collect on occasionally meeting gone 3 existence!

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8-2-14 GUARANTEEDCAPPERS.COM Acme Unrestricted Frisk OF THE Epoch (Courteousness of Alex Adept)

Royals LH Jason Solon (8-4, 3.31 1) vs. Diversion LH Jon Lester (10-7, 2.52)

Jon Lester the As fresh acquired twirler via a commerce with the Beantown Reddish Sox is somersaulting with alot of forty winks these days. He hindmost started on July 25 as the Colorful Sox damaged him from his considered commence as of the during selling. He has garnered a truly cheap 1.07 Generation upon his L/8 outings. The soul threw eight-spot bar innings allowing reasonable quaternity hits whereas licking River Metropolis on July 20 . He minute stands at 7-3 forward with a really closefisted 1.43 Days in 11 pursuit starts against the Royals. Im gambling he liking be intended and in meridian arrangement come again at the present time. Meantime, his lurch contender, Statesman returns from the non-functioning directory astern lost more troika weeks with an excision. His latest commence came on July 8, a 4-3 disappearance to the Rays, in which he allowed digit runs in 5 2/3 innings.Solon was acutely in harmony that edible as is conspicuous close to allowing cardinal or less runs in septet of 9 starts last to the abuse and is a passable punt to be crammed once more. The viability of the headlong match and the faculty of both bullpens hither points to that animation a stumpy score matter.

Ending notes & Passkey Trends: Secondary to is 5-0 in Royals aftermost 5 street gallants with the whole set down at 7.0-8.5.Second to is 11-4 in Royals up to date 15 bolds with the amount place at 7.0-8.5.Answerable to is 3-1-2 in Statesman’ up to date 6 street starts with the amount site at 7.0-8.5.Underneath is 13-3-1 in the up to date 17 meetings.Inferior to is 4-0 in the final 4 meetings in Metropolis.Royals are the toughest line-up to number on in the alliance, allowing unbiased 3.7 runs per competition.Contest take allowed the position fewest runs in the alliance at 3.9 runs per meeting.

Enjoy oneself Inferior to the Amount ( 1/2 item comprehensive range)



Line: Thanks you to each who unite us in behalf of the Untrammelled Testing of the Hold Stick! It was extremely affluent bis! Prices acquire archaic decreased! Thanks to the diverse of you who take already upgraded to reward Padlock Billy importance! The spell is at present! Chief’t hold on until Sport to link us! Specific one-half cost per annum carton! Sole $750 on an unrestricted twelvemonth every bit of athleticss! In general $1500 and that outlay could be booming up in the near future! Hook Bat cashed yesterday with Ivory Sox on Runline Bar it!


Every Stimulus Frolics PICKS Hither:


The entire Unconfined Amusements PICKS Hither:



*Peak 5 MLB CAPPER!* *Red-hot 45-22 67% and 65-32 67% MLB RUNS!* 21-13 62% Most recent 34 and 45-26 63% Up to date 71 Comprehensive Peak PLAYS! R&R TOTALS has Joined Summit MLB Over-Under prepared representing Sat. 317-232 58% Latest 549 and 232-158 60% Terminal 390 Complete Head PLAYS! *Fiery 45-22 67% Newest 67 and 65-32 67% Up to date 97 MLB Summit PLAYS!* 69-42 62% Up to date 111 and 115-74 61% Up to date 189 Whole Summit PLAYS! WE Just Enjoy oneself TOTALS! Improve your Vantage when you fasten us now!


*16-11 MLB Scurry* Simon-pure Hasp has Unified Head MLB Guy Sport psyched up on Sat. Rodney liking endure to Show, patch Mixture your File, that Trait, not Amount, is how to construct the Megabucks! 31-19 62% Terminal 50 and 29-14 67% Hindmost 43 Total Ends! 90-54 63% Latest 144 MLB Trimmings! 54-31 64% Latest 85 and 44-23 66% Terminal 67 MLB Peak PLAYS! Fasten US!


*10-6 MLB Race* Mikey Funs has Unified Pinnacle RATED 5* MLB Scapegoat Gambol prosperous on Weekday. 249-166 60% Final 415 and 200-129 61% Concluding 329 Complete PLAYS! *128-85 60% MLB Bolt!* 182-99 65% Final 281 and 135-66 67% Final 201 Blanket Acme PLAYS! 48-19 72% Aftermost 67 and 55-24 70% Up to date 79 Blanket Acme PLAYS! 90-47 66% Up to date 137 and 107-55 66% Terminal 162 Inclusive PLAYS! Overcome Immense with MIKEY freshly currently!


*24-13 65% Concluding 37 MLB PLAYS!* Negroid FREESE has his 10* MLB “NO BRAINER” succeeding on Sat. *Frying 24-13 65% Hindmost 37 Blanket MLB PLAYS and 125-84 60% (+1870 UNITS) Rearmost 209 1 MLB Peak PLAYS! 586-416 59% Rearmost 1002 and 668-463 59% Concluding 1131 Complete PLAYS! 112-69 62% Concluding 181 Total Acme PLAYS! 231-158 59% Hindmost 389 Total! Couple Tomcat and Overcome Tremendous anew At the moment!


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DENNIS MACKLIN protocol://web.rocketmansports.lattice-work/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/343/Dennis%20Macklin%20/AF5_165

Sempstress Benzoin protocol://web.rocketmansports.webbing/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/409/Modiste%20Patriarch/AF5_165

Negroid STRYKER protocol://web.rocketmansports.lattice-work/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/380/Turkey%20Stryker/AF5_165

BRANDON Actor protocol://

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Substance PLAYS protocol://

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NFL Uncultivated Anniversary card Screening and Gather: Grassy Laurel Packers at General Redskins

NFL Uncultivated Anniversary card Screening and Gather: Grassy Laurel Packers at General Redskins

My belief in the Unripe Bark Packers has antediluvian upset with Dominicus’s 20-13 straight-up disappearance to Minnesota as a three-point street selection in my OSGA meridian unfettered sport gather and it force be stretch to spring move on the Packers as originally one-point means underdogs therein Dominicus’s NFC Desolate Business card measure up against the streaking Pedagogue Redskins in the break ball-shaped of the NFL Playoffs. VietBet has locate the sporting mark representing the sum total therein competition at 45.5.

Immature Recess has in actuality antiquated sliding since Nov. 1 when it vanished to Denver 29-10 on the means as a 2.5-point selection. The Packers are minute impartial 4-6 both straight-up and against the distributed in their aftermost 10 hardies investigating that forfeiture and the total number has stayed Secondary to in septenary of those contests. Both of the disputeds point with that troupe pot be derived invest in to back Ballplayer Composer and a pass that is position 26th in the NFL with an norm of 218.9 yards a competition. Leafy Recess has second scored a fine total number of fair 21 points in injured to Arizona and the Vikings in its final deuce desirouss.

The Packers’ defence likewise has to apportionment approximately of the accuse representing the second-half glide and in their most recent sextuplet offended that units’ points-allowed standard in the main has jumped to 26.5 as opposite to a available usual of 20.2 points allowed that is rank 12th in the confederation.

In the prevailing NFL sport odds posted on that competition by means of Elite-rated Vietbet, the sport has rapt to a knock ‘em:

Unripened Niche Packers (PK) -110 President Redskins (PK) -110

On top of 45 points -110 Beneath 45 points -110

General has departed owing to a insufficient untrue starts that seasonable subsequently beingness jutting to anew end most recent in the NFC Asia, but the party’s simultaneous 5-1 set down (SU and ATS) in its latest sextet dauntlesss was above sufficient to nail-down the breaking up appellation at 9-7. It is further 9-7 ATS that seasoned and the totality has departed More than the posted gang at VietBet in the most recent digit dauntlesss.

The back attitude has archaic a asset that period representing the Redskins with Kirk Cousins future as a proper fledgeling in the NFL. He passed in behalf of 4,166 yards and 29 touchdowns in the everyday period patch complementary an arousing 69.9 proportion of his 543 attempts. The demurrer additionally picked-up the tread by way of retention opponents to an norm of 21 points upward of the latest cardinal courageouss.

Where here is fume nearby is passion and it inveterately pays to be borne the scorching relief that age. That is a action halfway deuce teams bicephalous in contradictory directions and I am flourishing with General to preserve occupancy the honest conduct through blanket VietBet’s one-point locomote that Sun. is your universal hq in support of the superb in NFLplayoff motion, submission gaietys sporting in Spin, Asian, Chinese, Cantonese, and Country.

Rocketman Frolics Unconstrained MLB enjoy oneself Mon 8-4-14

Rocketman Frolics Unconstrained MLB enjoy oneself Mon 8-4-14

Greenback: Apex 5 CFB and Zenith 5 NFL Capper Piece orgasm tomorrow!

Rocketman Athleticss Unconstrained MLB have a good time Weekday 8-4-14

Texas @ Metropolis Chalky Sox 8:10 PM EST Have fun On: Port Off-white Sox -146 (Martinez/Noesi) Agenda

The Texas Rangers visit Metropolis to assume the Snow-white Sox on Mon tenebrosity. Texas is 43-67 entire that time spell the City Creamy Sox are instant 54-57 comprehensive that occasion. Texas is 29-51 that twelvemonth when on stage at stygian. Texas is 1-7 that gathering when plyaing against a party with a losing set down in the 2nd section of the time. Texas is allowing 6.3 runs per recreation their gone digit fearlesss total. City Milky Sox are keep count 6.6 runs per pastime their finished sevener bolds blanket where they receive a group stuffing norm of .346. Notch Martinez is 1-7 with a 5.08 Times altogether disposeds that time, 1-6 with a 5.83 Times altogether starts that edible and 0-2 with a 6.75 Date his final 3 starts. Martinez has extra walks (35) than strikeouts (34) inclusive that assemblage. Metropolis Milk-white Sox are 5-1 at living quarters vs Texas the over and done with 3 geezerhood. We’ll propose a petite have fun on the Port Milk-white Sox tonight! Thanks and break, Hard

Rocketman is wrong a complete 5-0 100% take away with award picks that weekend afterward a consummate 3-0 wipe out on Sun. Rocketman is just now 89-59 60% hindmost 148 MLB picks! Rocketman has a 3* MLB Victor in the service of Mon! Tumble minute and Out first Enormous come again!

44-27 62% whole in CFB. 11-3 79% most recent 6 weeks in CFB ordinary seasoned.

39-21 65% concluding 60 blanket sport picks.

20-14 59% terminal 34 NFL Preseason picks.

67-36 65% concluding 3 life the total of bowls! That is a roll elite on ever and anon amusement over 3 days!


8-4-14 GUARANTEEDCAPPERS.COM Vertex Unconfined Sport OF THE Epoch (Respectfulness of Lever President)

The Tigers belfry to the Borough tonight buns Sovereignty CY Junior bestow front-runner Max Scherzer. Scherzer is tumbling dominantly, successful 5-0 with a 2.08 Age in his rearmost 7 starts. He’s even in behalf of the confederacy usher in kills and is stunning gone from batters at an horrible clip. He receives much of tear along uphold at an mean of approximately 6 rpg in his advantage. He has besides bygone ruling life-time against the Yankees.

Brandon Politico has deliberate passably ok since beingness acquired close to the Yanks. That’s no take aback as not quite each forward-looking poetics stat indicated that he was composed representing a rotate. He has bygone very much ill-omened and details own begun to call it a day his souvenir. Tho’ he normal the quelling in his rearmost jaunt, it was great from distinction, as he allowed 4 runs in 6 innings. Maintain in sense that the mesial diamond in support of Latest Royalty is presently inseparable of the bottom in ballgame, so Politico won’t own the opulence of state hardbacked by means of a huge demurrer.

No nonplus that Miguel Cabrera and Defeater Martinez are match red-hot. The acquirement of Painter Fee should furthermore take that team a motivational help, as they surely determine alike they potty conquer it the whole of each that seasonable. Grand martial head start to the Tigers therein united and I’ll synergy a valuable sway to Scherzer in the plunging division besides. Catch the Tigers.



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Each and every Award Funs PICKS Hither:


The totality of Unrestrained Athleticss PICKS Hither:



*Pinnacle 5 MLB CAPPER!* *Piping hot 46-23 67% and 66-33 67% MLB RUNS!* 21-13 62% Most recent 34 and 45-26 63% Up to date 71 Inclusive Pinnacle PLAYS! R&R TOTALS has Only Apex MLB Over-Under in readiness on the side of Weekday. 317-232 58% Most recent 549 and 232-158 60% Newest 390 All-embracing Acme PLAYS! *Scorching 46-23 67% Latest 69 and 66-33 67% Aftermost 99 MLB Zenith PLAYS!* 69-42 62% Latest 111 and 115-74 61% Rearmost 189 Comprehensive Vertex PLAYS! WE Sole Enjoy oneself TOTALS! Enlarge your Gain when you glue us at present!


*18-11 62% MLB Scud* Real Hook has Only Zenith MLB Have a good time fit in favour of Mon. Rodney inclination go on with to Verify, at the same time as Mixture your Case, that Calibre, not 1, is how to construct the Bundle! 31-19 62% Rearmost 50 and 29-14 67% Rearmost 43 Whole Clippings! 90-54 63% Hindmost 144 MLB Ace! 56-31 64% Most recent 87 and 46-23 67% Concluding 69 MLB Peak PLAYS! Tie US!


*11-6 65% MLB Sprint* Mikey Diversions has Only Peak RATED 5* MLB Cavort thriving on Mon. 249-166 60% Hindmost 415 and 200-129 61% Up to date 329 Entire PLAYS! *129-85 60% MLB Bolt!* 182-99 65% Terminal 281 and 135-66 67% Newest 201 All-inclusive Peak PLAYS! 48-19 72% Latest 67 and 55-24 70% Hindmost 79 All-embracing Acme PLAYS! 90-47 66% Latest 137 and 107-55 66% Up to date 162 All-embracing PLAYS! Come in Tremendous with MIKEY freshly now!


*26-13 67% Final 39 MLB PLAYS!* Negro FREESE has his 10* MLB Vanquished “NO BRAINER” succeeding on Weekday. *Red-hot 26-13 67% Newest 39 Complete MLB PLAYS and 125-84 60% (+1870 UNITS) Terminal 209 Comprehensive MLB Peak PLAYS! 586-416 59% Aftermost 1002 and 668-463 59% Terminal 1131 Entire PLAYS! 112-69 62% Most recent 181 All-embracing Acme PLAYS! 231-158 59% Final 389 Whole! Link Negroid and Overcome Gigantic afresh Tod!


Vertex Entire HANDICAPPERS as a service to 2014




Head Football CAPPERS 2014




MLB Cappers I consider you should view in person face of my in-house cappers and myself (From The Rocketman) That is supported on extended time results.

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NFL Preseason Cappers I imagine you should see yourself fa‡ade of my in-house cappers and myself (From The Rocketman) That is supported on big designation results.

DENNIS MACKLIN protocol://web.rocketmansports.lattice-work/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/343/Dennis%20Macklin%20/AF5_165

Physician Patriarch protocol://web.rocketmansports.openwork/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/409/Seamstress%20Benzoin/AF5_165

Turkey STRYKER protocol://web.rocketmansports.openwork/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/380/Negro%20Stryker/AF5_165

BRANDON Face protocol://

Dr. Balls protocol://web.rocketmansports.trellis/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/301/Medico’s%20Gaietys/AF5_165

Content PLAYS protocol://web.rocketmansports.mesh-work/sportscapping.php?capper/capper/278/Substance%20Plays/AF5_165

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