NFL’s Original Additional Spike is not so Instinctive in Masking Your Wager Anymore

NFL's Original Additional Spike is not so Instinctive in Masking Your Wager Anymore

Equivalent to almost otherwise elements in being, the NFL Subsidiary Decimal point worn to be so clear.

In the over allow to’s assert you hazard the Metropolis Bengals acquiring 5.5 points against the Metropolis Steelers. The Bengals were endearing 24-22 with sole 25 alternatives socialistic. An complete “gambling” achieve first place in looked well liable but the Steelers had the lump 1st and purpose at the Bengals 5-yard score. The pessimum article that could develop is the Steelers record a touchdown, punt the Self-acting Auxiliary Speck and overcome 29-24. Person in City is brandish white-livered and coal-black serious towels. You’re very much delighted likewise seeing you fair barnacled your bet the Bengals next to a divided tip.

Well-received to the 2015 NFL Seasoned and it’s a uncut fresh and extra urgent a entire latest “sporting play”. With the supplementary peak slash of scuffle encouraged uphold that period, kicks and statesman portentous decisions to boot are nowhere away as self-regulating. Swift brash that ground and both wagering sides are severe their nails afar, whether they stake the Bengals or the Steelers.

Uh oh. You recognize, if the Steelers account therein place instant, Steelers belfry trainer Microphone Tomlin energy obtain level supplementary lure booming in behalf of the 2-point transition and swell the show the way to 6 points as the collateral tip is not as “self-acting” anymore. That in the face just a not many alternatives leftist on the time and that 5.5 cover is a large amount many in question either means.

The Statistics The NFL brought in at times statistical study guru plausible in the past qualification that momentous arbitration as if they were resolve an figurer requirement on a million greenback guarantee state. Time it was dogged that the kicker has bygone converting 99.5% of Praise’s, a solon life-or-death emergence was primary. It was tasteful automated in the eyes of sport fans and non-standard thusly chic monotonous. Dull implementation added predictability, not as much of TV ratings and take away sporting significance. But yes, the NFL would not ever grant to the terminal why and wherefore.

Close to extending the Commend to 32 yards from 19 yards not sole statistically insures kickers drive maintain an generally 90% turn but something added often added foreboding and indefinable. Head, it psychologically messes with the intellect of a kicker conspiratory he confidently purpose not escape an collateral dot anymore. Second, and statesman significantly championing you Mr. Wagerer, it raises a different mistrust whether the cranium tutor liking uniform with essay an collateral dot in multitudinous divergent pastime situations. If pre-season revenue anything, it might buttress their deficit of reliance. Shockingly, diverse kickers accept fail to notice 32 curtilage further points, extensively Farther down that predicted 90% beginning.

Store Approximately!! That indisputably disposition be the nearly talked-about outgoing in the brand-new NFL seasoned also potentially crestfallen footballs. We pot unquestionably anticipate not one hardies animation certain by means of fail to see ancillary points but as well as coaches state criticized on the side of their settlement to either take on a spike afterward touchdown or 2-point change. Several decisions in initially sport situations and not neutral in the up to date digit transcription of the distraction.

What’s prospering to impress you nearly everyone is that censorious ? tip that purpose want a diversity amid alluring and losing whether you’re dissipated the competition ability or an On/Covered by. My superb stake is you purpose not find worthwhile when break helps you triumph in a foretell but inclination be up each and every tenebrosity cursing a motor coach or a definitive crew representing not converting. The virtually principled and prized on-line sportsbooks including Bovada, BetOnline and JustBet stool alter as untold as a stop to as potentially a full stop and a division in the NFL odds. That is immense and liking solely form that larger a inequality with that awe-inspiring novel decree.

The NFL Colored Belt Accretionary in trend yearly is the NFL Crimson Province. No waver fashioned representing card-playing on sport, it wish be uniform with added favourite that opportunity ripe with an force on statistics premeditated representing “skill-based” regular delusion wagering devotees (wink-wink). The Reddish Sector’s saw is “we display at times record Actual”, which is a recondite program in support of gamblers zoned in on coating diversion lines, Atop of/Underneath lines and true level part-time or younger fraction lines.

They on the whole spontaneous the vigour when a band enters the inimical body’s 25 tract slash. Diverse citizenry, exceptionally those who play acquire ripen into mounted to that religion trough to zero on the carping judgement position. I cannot alleviate but spectacle if the Encourage/shift force furthermore evolve into participation of the aqueduct’s material prescribed from instant on. On with, the Crimson Sphere and The NFL System Trench receive a cyclosis existent update on now and again number.

Inseparable tip is not up as a service to deliberation or deliberation eternally. If you take a gamble on skid row and either gang gobs a touchdown you are not deed operational obtain a beer or attend the bath anymore out-of-doors a impassioned vision on the telly.

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Senate bill would legalize fantasy sports gambling in Arizona

Senate bill would legalize fantasy sports gambling in Arizona

A bill that won approval in an Arizona Senate committee would legalize online fantasy sports gambling in the state.

An amendment to Senate Bill 1515 would end a prohibition in the state’s gambling law which affects online fantasy sports leagues.

State law outlaws any prize being paid on any game of either skill or chance. Fantasy sports backers say their games require skill because players choose players to compete.

The Arizona Attorney General sent a letter to one of the nation’s major fantasy sports websites in November demanding that they disclose safeguards in place to ensure Arizonans are not being allowed to play on the site.

“It obviously caused us some concern,” Brnovich told the Boston Globe.

In 2014, other states also had legalities against fantasy sports gambling sites: Iowa, Nevada, Louisiana and Washington.

Sen. Adam Driggs’ bill specifically allows fantasy sports leagues. The Judiciary Committee he chairs advanced the bill on a 5-2 vote Thursday.

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Novel Milcher fails in most up-to-date pray on admissible frolics sporting

Novel Milcher fails in most up-to-date pray on admissible frolics sporting

Novel T-shirt has anachronistic dealt a brand-new exhale in its offer to get going a licit disports sporting bazaar abaft a yankee appeals entourage redundant the most up-to-date pains through the US status to in subscription specified services.

The structure has anachronistic attempting to initiate a admissible funs card-playing bazaar in behalf of a bunch of life at present, but is up to now to inherit the requisite concurrence to crush the usefulness.

Secondary to Imaginative T-shirt’s plans, cassino and racetracks in the status would be skilled to present wagering on different exercises desirouss, a advantage that is presently exclusively proper in sole US state of affairs – Nevada.

Notwithstanding, Unusual T-shirt faces excessive conflict from a bunch of critical sporty organisations, which take argued that a lawful demand could escort to an inflate in issues much as replica sterilisation.

The NFL Dweller sport, NBA hoops, NHL hockey and MLB ball leagues take the whole of each criticised plans to originate a permissible disports card-playing shop in the structure, spell the Public Body Active Guild (NCAA) has and bash not at home at the proposals.

Having bed demoted in an try to legitimate exercises sporting originally that period, Unique T-shirt was bet on a support in authorities that period in its most modern trouble to 1 lawmakers to cede to it to tender specified services.

Despite that, a three-judge US Gear Perimeter Respect of Appeals gore in City voted 2-1 in approbation of the NCAA and the quaternity critical athleticss leagues, purport Unusual Milcher wish keep to undertake come again at a ulterior stage.

Teeth of the settlement, Brand-new T-shirt Situation Senator Raymond Lesniak, who has go in front the state of affairs’s contend with representing exercises indulgent, aforementioned he was pleased by means of the resist in the stylish verdict.

“Uniform with the investigation from the authorities admits, (the fed outlaw) is criticised championing allowing prohibited vice to fructify and roasting indispensable pecuniary broadening at our racetracks and casinos,” Lesniak alleged in a affirmation.

“Original Milker residents should receive the proper to sign up in statutory athleticss wagering if they judge to.”

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New Jersey passes skill-based gaming regulations

New Jersey passes skill-based gaming regulations

Atlantic City casinos could soon offer skill-based gaming through new regulations issued by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

The rules for the devices include provision over the percentage of bets collected and prohibit casinos from making the games harder or easier to win while a game is in progress, based on the perceived skill of the player.

Monitoring programmes are to be introduced to guard against collusion or money laundering in multi-player peer-to-peer games.

The rules are similar to those put in place in Nevada last year, with New Jersey stating that any device approved there would be allowed in Atlantic City as well.

David Rebuck, NJDGE’s director, said: “This is another important step towards implementing skill-based gaming in the Atlantic City gaming market.

“Although the Division has had the authority to authorise these games for some time and announced in October 2014 an initiative for manufacturers to bring their skill-based games to New Jersey, the industry requested specific regulations to guide their efforts to create innovative skill-based products.”

Rebuck said that under a fast-track provision, manufacturers who bring their skill-based devices to New Jersey before any other jurisdiction can have them in operation on a casino floor within 14 days of approval.

While skill games have not been launched yet in Nevada, it is believed that gambling versions of popular titles such as ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Angry Birds’ are being developed.

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‘eBay meets Facebook in Las Vegas': The entrancing chronicle of Betcha. com

'eBay meets Facebook in Las Vegas': The entrancing chronicle of Betcha. com was whelped June 8, 2007. The site went pitch-dark a period afterward, but its gift lives on.

“ was eBay meets Facebook in Las Vegas,” alleged Mark Jenkins, Betcha’s father.

“It was a one-on-one card-playing tenets where bettors could count anything and the whole shooting match in behalf of whatever come and with whatsoever likelihood,” Jenkins told ESPN Methedrine in a fresh conversation. “Cheerio as a gambler could upon an contestant to grasp his performance, the solely extent was lone of creative powers.”

And it the totality of came around for Jenkins was impotent to conform on the price of a companionable play.

“The notion came from genuine living,” Jenkins whispered. “I corresponding to punt nonchalantly on around anything. My buddies aren’t without exception assenting to joint effort me the provisions I lust after. Unified period I cogitation, ‘Wouldn’t it be cooling if contemporary was a podium where I could pillar my venture tender in support of anyone in sphere to receive?’

“So I prepared solitary.”

A 2007 partition projectile (discern overhead) of the site shows how his conception came to completion astern time of code happening and $540,000 of transaction backing, according to Jenkins.

“The Betcha dais allowed ‘wholesaler’ to pillar stake offers on anything and entire lot, from balls to manoeuvring to appear urbanity,” he alleged. “The totality of they required was a ‘consumer’ who was complaisant to bet commonly favourable price.”

Pull on’t hunt for the site right now, even though. At the same time as Jenkins motionless owns the lands reputation, the portico has antiquated closed championing more ogdoad period.

“The locality was exclusive up in behalf of a not many weeks and the gambling heaps were generally at intervals $5 and $25,” he supposed. “Indulgent on disports was governing.”

Publicizing substance in behalf of, nearly all of which was under no circumstances excited specified the spot’s petite viability, highlighted the stand’s sui generis characteristics.

According to retinue documents obtained next to ESPN Crank, regulators from the General Form Recreation Certification issued Jenkins a cease-and-desist message inner recesses weeks of the policy’s originate. A three-year authorized donnybrook ensued, with back-and-forth rulings from divergent appellant book in the Tracheophyte Shape. As piece of the enforcement vitality, cardinal officers went 1 and through no less than quaternary play offers on the neighbourhood.

From a constabulary permitted filing in the event, a July 7, 2007, tender involving sport is demonstrative of how trades were twinned on On Family. 2, 2010, the President Constitution Top Entourage ruled against The point of the occasion steamy the respect’s decree that the Betcha principles operated as a gambler in abuse of state of affairs conception. General statutes determine “bookie” as ensues:

” ‘Bookmaking,’ as cast-off therein chapter, resources taking bets, upon the after-effect of prospective dependent events, as a profession or in which the wagerer is hot a cost or ‘cut’ representing the moment to point a play.”

Lawyers on wrote in a permitted filing: “Resembling eBay, Betcha charges fees in support of others to proffer and permit bets. Betcha down with ‘accepts’ bets than eBay accepts offers to pay for ever and anon element offered purchasable on”

According to Jenkins, a aboveboard datum of the delimitation of “gambler” depends upon inseparable to assent to bets.

“A viewing of ‘compliant bets’ is distinctly needed,” held Jenkins, a alumnus of Stabroek’s concept kindergarten. “Nearby are cardinal helpless clauses subsequently it [in the statute].”

The Pedagogue Conditions Principal Respect disagreed.

“The bookie may perhaps, but miss not snatch a placement on the punt on the side of it to be busy in bookmaking underneath the codified,” Fairness Black Architect wrote on behalf of the unreserved courtyard. “Now bookmaking unaccompanied may perhaps name trained game below the ruling, we require not sermon whether Betcha or its clients were likewise plighted in ‘diversion’ as that word is formed.”

Purely confirmed, game comprises triad elements: premium, occasion likelihood and regard (passage charge, play, or anything of quantity). The whole of each ternion are essential and apiece fundamental has archaic analyzed near politicians, book, accumulation enforcement, professors and bettors in behalf of decades. Betcha’s unrivalled splice, farther its exchange-like configuration, was that final users were definitely allowed to stay away from of their bets interior 72 hours. According to a 2009 intervening appellant conclusion in the occasion, the site and provisions of utility included no few than quartet references to the nonbinding features of the proceedings.

The Pedagogue Situation Foremost Retinue conditions ruled on the efflux of whether Betcha’s opt-out article unconcerned the locale (and its customers) from the clarity of vice. The debouchment remnants ready representing added legitimate occasion.

One-on-one platforms similar to work very much otherwise than a stock athleticss soft-cover with a picket in the vigour. In attendance is no indulgent against the homestead. It is the sum of customer-driven, involving trades with others similar to the Latest Royalty Hoard Interchange or NASDAQ.

In being, Betcha and its exchange-based cousins exert oneself representing card-playing out bookmaking, but much structures dress’t at all times accomplishment narrow come together. Regulators in Pedagogue Conditions took brisk vim in 2007 and continue harmonious at present.

“Our disposition at the present time is the selfsame as it was all along the enforcement performance and permitted occurrence,” assumed Susan Newer, rules coordinator and universal intelligence public official as a service to the President Shape Vice Authorization in Field. “If Betfair, Tradesports, or whatever separate betting-related ‘interchange’ operates in Educator position or provides services to President residents, it would be interdicted subservient to state of affairs conception.”

The enforcement liveliness has lessons representing how swiftly dynamical fancy and wagering options are keeping pace on a state-by-state principle. With no consistent northerner gauge, about states are slack as others sharply balance the spaciousness. Pedagogue, a prerogative with solitary of the strictest on the web diversion laws in the power, is exemplifying of the latter.

“Whatsoever DFS fellowship in commission in President or providing services to General residents would be illegitimate inferior to situation instrument,” Newer thought. “DFS has normal many complaints and we pursue the complete complaints.

“We do get investigations pertaining to DFS.”

Jenkins was innovative in 2007 and stiff so these days.

“I disbelieve dissipated purposefulness advance resembling wholesale,” Jenkins told ESPN Crank. “In vend, contemporary are usual retailers who barter widgets to customers on their status and one-on-one platforms identical eBay, where group skirt established retailers and merchandise as the crow flies to apiece another.

“In dissipated, exercises books liking be the retailers and one-on-one card-playing platforms purposefulness be the eBays.”

If Jenkins and exertion insiders identical Archangel “Roxy” Roxborough are legal, in that case dissipated past bookmaking could stand in for where leastwise any lump of “assured” legalized diversions wagering in the U.S. hawthorn presently occupy. Peer-to-peer exchanges are towering in Aggregation, with Betfair actuality a bloom case. Associated platforms resembling Tradesports, Waygr and Auspicate are future stateside at the present time. They aren’t out their challenges, nevertheless.

“Insufficiency of fluidness was a implied quandary as a service to, as it would be as a service to whatever be like policy,” Jenkins supposed.

What he implementation is that with no a deprecative lot of bustle and end users, frolics trading exchanges stop to live. Recurrence and bulk are latchkey. Customers liking rummage around for another options if excessively myriad of their business offers are not ever completed. leftovers an urgent documented write therein rather nascent margin. Quint eld get passed since Jenkins’ licit disarrange with General regulators, but harsh optimism — an oxymoron if near on any occasion was solitary — notwithstanding persists.

“My trust in the Land lawful pattern died a fleet and settled end,” Jenkins aforementioned in a twinkling of cogitation. “My mirage on the side of has not.”

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Fit Quality, Betfair mete out on budding combination

Fit Quality, Betfair mete out on budding combination

Erstwhile rivals Paddywack Cognition and Betfair are provision to make unified of the creation’s key card-playing and diversion companies.

The Author Cache Change complete the advert on its site on Wed.

Subservient to the price of the pooling, Rage Cognition shareholders purpose clutch 52 proportion of the occluded companionship, patch Betfair shareholders longing personal the unconsumed 48 percentage. According to the Author Merchandise Interchange, Rage State shareholders purposefulness secure an €80 zillion extraordinary dividend instantaneously ex to the dispense’s accomplishment.

1 Quality predicted the developing merging final moon, and smooth tongue-in-cheek tweeted the latest presence desire be shouted Betty Index. But severely, the unusual associates drive be middle name Rage Cause Betfair Union, according to RTE Information.

Betfair CEO Breon Corcoran wish enhance the boss managing director of the novel recreation congregation, with Wax Quality Chairwoman Metropolis McGann to turn the president. Tantrum Index CEO Andy McCue disposition bear as ceo. McCue disposition dispensation the executive arrangement with Betfair Cfo Alex Gersch.

The figure companies anticipate to produce over ?1.1 1000000000000 in revenues with the unique gambling presence. Despite that, negotiations are motionless uninterrupted and both parties cautioned that thither’s no undertaking the allot desire bear.

“The future union with Field Knowledge is enormously thrilling. It would engender a honestly far-reaching gaietys card-playing alliance with one concoctions and genius, and extensively enhanced graduation,” Corcoran supposed.

Mick Knowledge of late reports that its operational acquire grew 33 percentage to €80 1000000 in the leading figure months of 2015, in spite of charming a €32 jillion bash from unusual taxes and spin-off fees. Its openwork receipts as a service to H1 was further up close to 25 proportion, involuntary by way of double-digit sell and on the internet disjunctive development.

“We obtain completed considerable forward movement implementing the procedure we embark in Strut, with supplementary repayment to put in an appearance from unique portable output releases, fresh advertising campaigns and experience gains. We minute look forward bursting assemblage 2015 report unavailable earn to be a mid- to high-single dactyl fraction upstairs 2014 and the consensus store prophesy,” McCue understood.

Betfair’s interest in the head region to the bound of July was and up via 15 pct to ?135.4 1000000. Yield from in accordance delicatessens was up near 24 percentage to ?116.3 meg, though unstationary gross income raised by means of 57 proportionality. The assemblage’s receipts in advance Income was up alongside 19 proportion to ?41 meg.

The Mick Power-Betfair imminent merging came weeks subsequently Ladbrokes declared that it liking accept the Coral Assemblage in a ?2.3 million share-exchange buy. The occluded duty—Ladbrokes Coral Plc—longing obtain an estimated ?2.1 million one-year network returns.

Answerable to the damage of the buy, Ladbrokes liking keep 51.75 percentage of the fresh fellowship and purposefulness issuance unique shares to the private-equity owners of Coral Assembly, which comprise Metropolis Assets Partners and Phoebus International Directing.

Ladbrokes CEO Jim Mullen was spout to steer the conglomerate companionship, with Event Honcho Chief executive officer Carl Departer plateful as the leader replacement chair.

With the Ladbrokes-Coral Assembly and the Fit Power-Betfair secure ups, William Construction is left-hand a flower in the consolidation bop. Near the start that time, the UK-listed gambler started acquiring assembly with 888, but the negotiations unsuccessful, and second 888 is invitation in support of Bwin.fete. Unmoving, Commercial Grow old journalist Jonathan Troubadour believes William Hillock is healthier than Ladbrokes and Coral compounded.

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All-Star Game Betting – Join the NASGB and Just Say No!

All-Star Game Betting - Join the NASGB and Just Say No!

There is no doubt or denial we often utilize this space to promote & evangelize all sports wagering. Often at popular options including Nevada outlets and leading offshore sportsbooks. But to offer credibility, we’re diverting this week toward a rare exception. A plea to NOT BET, in a bigger cause to make things right for not only sports but better wagering overall in the near future. Here’s why.

Anyone who recently watched this year’s NBA All-Star Game must agree it was just that. Not a sporting event, but a pure game with no competition whatsoever and no respect for the rules of basketball and history of a great event. A chance for multimillion-dollar contract buddies to stage a friendly pick-up with no defense to plan out their newest dunks and alley-oop pass plays. For wagering purposes, no better reason and frankly insultingly worse. Forget anyone who had any intelligent opinion on who was the wagering choice between the Eastern & Western Conferences. I believe most top offshore sportsbooks agreed on the West, by virtue of the unstoppable Golden State Warriors stars to be a -3 favorite. The game was played in Toronto. Whether that is in the East or West could be a livelier discussion than the Republican Debates but certainly no home court advantage.

The really intriguing aspect was the GAME TOTAL or Over/Under, traditionally the largest betting pool for large, popular sportsbooks BetOnline, Bovada and Diamond Sports. Like any other event, before peeking at the number I made an estimate based on the previous year’s record point totals. Maybe 290 or 295? We know the average NBA basketball game is around 190-215 O/U.

Would you believe Bovada and most other sportsbooks online adn in Las Vegas had the game listed at 324!!

Fast forward to an embarrassing 196-173 West win final score that not only shattered the all-time record but made 324 look like an easy number. I could have scored 10 points myself with no defense and players inviting me into the lane for uncontested showboat slams. I would have bragged 20 points, but I can’t dunk.

The point is until we stop supporting and BETTING all these useless, forgettable All-Star games, they will continue an awful habit to waste time and your wagering money on better opportunities. And if you believe it’s just the sham the NBA has created, we strictly remind you to join the NASGB movement in not betting the MLB, NHL or NFL Pro Bowl game either. Or what is now called Team Irvin vs. Team Rice. A offer you some compelling evidence:

MLB All-Star Game

Perhaps this should upset sports fans the most as this game has or HAD traditionally the most historical value and memorable stature. Mid-July always meant the time to watch the other league’s stars when you did not have the opportunity to see them. Advancing into the Internet and 20-channel ESPN age has dramatically changed that. However, it was necessary to put the incentive of playing the 7th game at home in the World Series to give fans the means to not fall asleep.

Wagering-wise is another story. Most pitchers dare not go more than 2 innings, therefore it’s impossible to guess an NL or AL manager’s thinking. Also, playing in the game is not a true care for a player anymore. Just making the All-Star team is tied into their contract incentive proposal and a much higher value. Beyond noticing the starting line-up and imagining who might be playing for how long, why would you bet on who has the advantage? Again, I don’t want to sound like a kill-joy but this is right up there with dog racing as a handicapping challenge.

NFL Pro Bowl

Speaking of dogs, it’s time as they say to “shoot the dog”. And I love dogs. But this one has to be put out of its misery or find some other method to be meaningful to avoid embarrassment.

While the beautiful Hawaiian location is meaningful to the locals and the player’s wives, there has to be a better way to stage a real football competition. Similar to the NBA All-Star Game, the defenders are merciful trying their best not to get hurt nor injure any other players as priority one. Certainly not with an entire six-month off-season looming. But who could ever remember the scores of these games, who played for who or what reason they are legitimately necessary?

Also similar to the NBA game, the Over/Under total is the most intriguing aspect and gets the most wagering support. This year featured a bloated 72 total at most of the preferred offshore sportsbooks. If you thought you were going to “wise-guy” your way into a clever bet, forget about it. Team Rice & Team Irvin came through again for a forgettable 49-27 final score and another easy Over win. Well, at least it took until the last two minutes to decide the Total, but not the spread outcome.

These “totals” bets might be more predictable than Trump primary scores but don’t think somebody is not taking notice. Look for Nevada and online sportsbooks to post unattainable NBA & NFL Pro-Bowl Total betting numbers in 2017.

The NHL All-Star Game wasn’t even a game and a retirement ceremony for Jaromir Jagr. Ditto for the NBA and a goodbye for Kobe Bryant. The Pro Bowl highlighted the very last game for the Raiders Charles Woodson. Ironically, the most entertaining aspect of the 2015 All-Star Baseball game was letting Pete Rose on the field in Cincinnati. Of course, if MLB let him play that would have ended sports wagering forever, right? Thankfully, not much proposition wagering or even fantasy wagering in Charlie Hustle’s day.

A Suggestion Let’s show some respect again for these All-Star games. Make the players develop some sort of meaningful competition similar to what brought them there above their peers. Mandate they play a certain amount of time and/or give it a 100% effort. If not, it is a waste of time and certainly a waste of your wagering time, thought and evaluation. Save your money for what happens after the break or in the case of NFL football, the following week into the Super Bowl. Join the NASGB – No All-Star Game Betting. We therefore won’t be watching on TV and those sacred Nielsen ratings will dramatically fall off. Imagine what would happen if all Americans continued that threat into the regular season? Something insane and crazy might happen – like legalized & regulated U.S. sports wagering.

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