Before the Madness – Betting Baseball Futures

Before the Madness - Betting Baseball Futures

Before the word “bracket” even enters your head for another two weeks or so, there is some valued time to be invested thinking about another sports future outcome. Yup, it happens every Spring, along with buds on the trees and hay fever. Time to break out the bats & balls, forecasting who wins more MLB baseball games than odds makers think this season and who doesn’t. It certainly is a better bet than say, a Pirates-White Sox pre-season game from Sarasota this Saturday afternoon. Because if you’re starved for Florida wagering action, consider golf this month.

On the baseball diamond they tweak the rules every year but the betting formula remains basically intact. Over the course of the marathon 162 game season it’s highly unlikely that the best teams will win more than 60% of their games (98), nor the worst teams will will lose more than 60% (64 wins). But don’t think you’re going to get an easy, guaranteed score. Only the record 40-8 stretch the Dodgers accomplished in 2013 assured bettors of cashing their Over the Win Total ticket early. It was the greatest 50 game ride since the Cardinals in 1942. What is forgotten about that feat is the Dodgers were a dismal 30-42 before it occurred. Proof that many were thinking their future “Under” bet was looking good in early June.

The MLB Over/Under season is only for the patient bettor. With a six month season filled with many twists and turns, injuries and statistical proof that you cannot either count your money or give up on any bet until at least September 1st, Contrasting the situation to the 16 game NFL season, where every football game is huge and every win or loss significant.

For example, the Minnesota Vikings proved to be every bit the “wise-guy bet” they were before the season started. I noted the red flag of opportunity when Diamond Sports, BetOnline and other leading sportsbooks marked the Vikes over win total at 7 but at alarming odds of -180. Everybody seemed to have gotten the word. They didn’t disappoint and won their clinching 8th game before December 1st.

Baseball offers a very different scenario. You can count on perennial favorite teams like the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox and Dodgers with slightly inflated win totals similar to the Cowboys and Steelers in the NFL. But for the rest of the NL and AL many teams offer a trickier option. As always, the heart of the numbers and confidence is based on starting pitching. Without that solid 4 to 5-man rotation you aren’t going to get past .500 no matter how solid your starting position player eight is, defense on the field or bullpen.

The following are a few suggestions to pursue before we all begin carefully filling out our NCAA brackets and worrying about #3 seeds tanking early. The lines are courtesy of Elite-rated online sportsbook Bovada, the first online to post the MLB Over/Under Win Totals for the regular season. Be sure to check other premium offshore sportsbooks in March for competitive comparison.

Chicago Cubs Over 92.5 Wins (-130) Under 92.5 Wins (Even)

One of my favorite axioms is “the line tells you something” and here we go again. Can you believe the beloved Cubbies lead the majors this year with highest projected team win total at Bovada with 92.5? This stands out as baseball’s betting version of the Vikings and a major league endorsement following up their strong finish last year into the playoffs.

Maybe the best pitching in baseball with Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester and John Lackey. Add on an exceptional starting line-up with Anthony Rizzo on down, no doubt the young Cubs only concern is staying healthy. Will this finally be the year to break Billy goat curses and watch a World Series at Wrigley? That remains to be seen but breaking OVER 90 wins toward maybe a hundred looks like a solid bet. The only downside might be the intimidating -130 price.

Los Angeles Angels Over 81.5 Wins (-115) Under 81.5 Wins (-115)

One thing you can say for the LA Angels is they have experience. But maybe that is not a good thing these days where many teams opt for younger, hungrier players looking for more incentive dollars.

Long-time manager Mike Scioscia is back at the helm this year to lead the Angels. I’m looking for future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols to bounce back this season with Mike Trout to lead the majors in home runs. That backbone should get any team past a .500 season with decent pitching and the Angels are a qualifier. Garrett Richards is a potential 20-game winner with proven starters Jered Weaver and C.J Wilson backing him up. Their bullpen is so-so and that might be part of the reason for the betting value. If all goes right this season, I like the Angels experience in a very competitive division to get past a soft number and OVER the total here as well.

Kansas City Royals Over 85.5 Wins (-115) Under 85.5 Wins (-115)

Again, another “the line is telling you something” candidate. Why hasn’t the World Series winner bolstered a bit more confidence in the odds maker’s pen? Wouldn’t we expect at least a totals number in the 90’s here with two great seasons in a row?

The answer might be in the Royals lack of marquee stars and small market appeal. A more logical answer would be that they’ve been fortunate to have been injury free while cultivating young talented players simultaneously over the past three or four years. Credit goes to their scouts and drafting system after many miserable years of losing so many games and being at the bottom.

Despite fine pitching from Edison Volquez and solid everyday contribution from starters like first baseman Eric Hosmer and all-star catcher Salvator Perez, I look for a few wheels to fall off this season. Maybe a few sore arms or a key injury to even out the odds. Search for the highest win total you can secure here and go UNDER the total on the Royals.

Bettor Beware

Like all investments, it’s wise to shop around. The leading offshore sportsbooks mostly offer generous opportunities to bet larger amounts on this type of future wager. Similar to a half point in a single game, one win either way on the full season totals could make the difference. Therefore, it’s a smart move to secure the best deal on the team of your choice. On the first day of Fall 2016, that could potentially seem like a really smart move.

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Rocketman Actions Unshackled MLB have a good time Weekday 8-14-15

Rocketman Actions Unshackled MLB have a good time Weekday 8-14-15

2014 records (Completely attested – The Disports Watchdog of Oklahoma Conurbation, OK and Gaietys Look after) NFL 28-18 61% CFB 27-14 66% NFL preseason 7-2 78%

Compounded 62-34 65% winners.

Rocketman Disports At liberty MLB have a good time Fri 8-14-15

Educator @ San Francisco 10:15 PM EST Enjoy oneself On: Pedagogue -149 (Scherzer/Man) Scheduled

The General Nationals visit San Francisco to employ the Giants on Fri gloom. Max Scherzer toes the safe representing the Nationals where he is 11-8 with a 2.44 Days all-inclusive that assemblage, 7-3 with a 1.87 Period on the method that time and 1-0 with a 3.32 Period his concluding 3 starts. Lusterless Man is 2-3 with a 5.59 Period all-embracing that assemblage and 0-2 with a 7.80 Cycle his aftermost 3 starts. San Francisco is gain single 2.7 runs per contest their done 7 courageouss entire. Educator has charmed 3 outside of 4 therein run so that time. We’ll propound a wee gambol on General tonight! Thanks and luckiness, Hard


SPORTSWATCHMONITOR.COM Meridian Unconfined Enjoy oneself OF THE Daytime (Courtliness of Unmixed Latch)

Unconfined MLB frisk Fri 8-14-15

San Diego +101 (MLB)

Unadulterated Latch has a Apex NFLX frisk and a Pinnacle MLB representing Fri! Sterling Clasp cashed effortlessly with Minnesota Vikings hindmost weekend! 71% NFL Preseason tear along! Sterling Latch is most of all noted championing his selectivity in handicapping every diversions and cashed a pure 100% in College Sport (bowls included) encourage in 2006! Unadulterated Hasp more often than not releases inseparable knock per diversion per period or passes! Grade not 1 is how to assemble the megabucks!


8-14-15 GUARANTEEDCAPPERS.COM Head Unrestricted Frisk OF THE Age (Politeness of Solid Clasp)

Unencumbered MLB have a good time Weekday 8-14-15 San Diego +101 (MLB) Unmixed Hold has a Vertex NFLX sport and a Vertex MLB as a service to Weekday! -carat Clasp cashed effortlessly with Minnesota Vikings hindmost weekend! 71% NFL Preseason sprint! Unmixed Hold is on the whole illustrious as a service to his selectivity in handicapping the sum of funs and cashed a perfected 100% in College Sport (bowls included) wager in 2006! Real Control as a rule releases unified elite per pastime per light of day or passes! Property not 1 is how to shape the megabucks!


2015 Meridian NFL PRESEASON CAPPERS TO Bring up the rear

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Histrion Poet protocol://

Archangel Conqueror protocol://

Expertise Aronson protocol://

Dennis Macklin protocol://

Brandon Side protocol://


R&R Totals – 65-31 68% MLB dart! Authenticated #1 MLB Capper at Balls Tend Prefect! protocol://

Gameplan protocol://

Kyle Huntsman protocol://

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Shingly Dramatist protocol://

Pebbly’s Catch Stick protocol://

Thanks and luckiness, Arduous Atkinson Rocketman Amusements

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Fit of temper Knowledge launches iSoftBet hollow

Fit of temper Knowledge launches iSoftBet hollow

Fulguration and travelling hardies trader iSoftBet has declared that Tantrum Cognition has launched its ‘Primary Bent’ branded depression play.

Supported on the bash coat of the exact same term, the position offers players 243 divergent slipway to triumph in.

Accepted next to well-known overlay presence StudioCanal, the Key Empathy channel features a growing kitty, ternary stack wilds, unshackled spins and gratuity apportion coins.

“We are wound up to behold Root Skill onwards survive on much a eminent bus,” iSoftBet union auction and area phenomenon executive, Luci Apostolou, believed.

“Our rapport with Fit of temper Nation has exhausted from brawn to brawniness, and that begin is sincerely unified to be renowned.”

Conor Leavey, dauntlesss promotion executive at Wax Powerfulness, intercalary: “The advertising dormant in the service of much a energetic kind as Principal Sensitivity is a vigour to be reckoned with, and Wax Nation drive surely shape the almost of that possibleness.”

That is a reproduce from to vista the starting, flick hither.

Dutch regulator reinforces ban on online gambling ads

Dutch regulator reinforces ban on online gambling ads

Advertiseing promoting unregulated gambling services in Netherland is prohibited.

Dutch regulator reinforces ban on online gambling adsThe Netherlands’ gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has published a guidance note that warns gambling operators that advertising can only promote regulated gambling services to Dutch residents.

And since the Dutch government’s plans to regulate the online gambling market are unlikely to come into effect until 2017, it means that ads for online gambling are illegal. For now, the rules greatly benefit land-based operators, pending the opening of the online gambling market.

“Since advertising has to lead to legal offers, it is now illegal to advertise online gambling,” KSA said in the note. “Advertising that serves to generate a favorable impression of a particular online gaming business is also not permitted.”

The note reiterated the standards and practices for the internet betting industry in the Netherlands, which were announced in June 2015. The standards, described as critical to protecting Dutch consumers ahead of the introduction of the Netherlands new online gambling bill, were implemented throughout all Dutch media channels including digital, print, radio and television.

The Dutch government has spent a great deal of effort blocking their citizens from betting on international sites. It blacklisted a host of sites and insisted that the country’s banks shouldn’t deal with them at all, but the banks refused. At the moment, many online gambling operators treat the Netherlands as a grey market: one in which they still operate because Dutch gaming laws do not sufficiently address online gambling one way or another.

According to State Secretary for Security and Justice Klaas Dijkhoff, online gambling sites will be able to obtain five-year licenses. In most cases, licensees would have to be based within the European Union or the European Economic Area. More than 200 online gambling businesses have already inquired about the possibility of getting licensed, according to KSA.

This is a reprint from to view the original, click here.

Bursting Slope unveils different rewards order of the day

Bursting Slope unveils different rewards order of the day

Amaya-owned Loaded Heel over is to embark upon a original rewards agenda to teamwork players the occasion likelihood to triumph in shares of large growing jackpots on an constant footing.

Customers of the on-line cards sort drive acquire the election halfway the existent ‘Border’ schedule and the unique ‘Players Billy’ opening move.

The Players Billy intent quality a creative play screamed ‘The Buy’, which offers a span of prizes much as tickets and hard cash, too as a increasing kitty that longing upon at $100,000 (€89,700).

Separate original benefits inclination incorporate augmented winnings values on freeroll tournaments, secrecy prizes as a service to commonplace players, everyday added-money tournaments and otherwise rewards that wish be introduced abaft the earliest thirty days of handling.

Players that opt to be there with the Rim scheme wish possess gain to a unique three-tier group, with customers at rest proficient to together Brim-full Angle Points as they have a good time, whilst cashback drive be supported on the numeral of points attained upon 30 and 100-day actuation averages.

Further rewards intent besides be finished to hand to leaderboard winners.

Brimming Heel over esteemed that though the support measure of cashback generated be means of Verge intent be down, Boundary players purpose lean the break to leg up rewards next to performing in determined doggeds that present bonuses championing preliminary and sustaining the movement.

“We into our resolution to put together these changes is in the finest interests of the amusement and our players, drive site Filled Heel over alone from the contention, and inclination after all is said alleviate assess the salamander ecosystem,” Chock-a-block Lean thought in its true diary.

“The changes introduced upon the rearmost moon are supported not solely on our in-depth enquiry of Chock-a-block Slope, our customers’ deeds and the salamander exertion loose, but are interest of our epistemology to take care cards jollity, regardless of where you’re on stage or what hazard you’re wagering.”

That is a offprint from to picture the starting, sound hither.

Virginia first state to approve DFS legislation

Virginia first state to approve DFS legislation

Daily fantasy sports operators got a rare opportunity to celebrate on Wednesday as Virginia legislators approved a bill to regulate DFS.

On Wednesday, the Virginia General Assembly approved SB 646, aka the Fantasy Contests Act, which now requires only Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s signature to become law. The vote marks the first time a pro-DFS bill has progressed to this stage since the industry imploded last October.

SB 646 requires DFS operators to pay a $50k registration fee, while registered DFS sites must ensure that all their players are over 18 years of age and that player funds are segregated from operating capital. Operators must also submit to an annual audit by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

SB 646 exempts DFS from the state’s list of illegal gambling no-no’s, but the bill’s language arguably authorizes other types of ‘skill-based’ contests involving sporting events – such as prop bets – that could lead the federal government to conclude that the state is in violation of the 1992 PASPA sports betting prohibition. But for the moment, anyway, it’s progress.

NEW YORK DFS BILL SETS HIGH HURDLE FOR ENTRY This week saw DFS operators DraftKings and FanDuel file their latest paperwork in their legal fight for survival with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who ordered both companies to cease & desist operations in his state last November based on his belief that they’re illegal gambling operators under state law.

This week also saw New York state Sen. John Bonacic throw DFS a lifeline by introducing a new bill to regulate the activity. Bonacic’s S 6793 (read it here) would exempt DFS from the state’s definition of gambling activities and establish a Fantasy Sports Contests Division within the Financial Frauds and Consumer Protection Unit.

Unlike other DFS ‘consumer protection’ bills, S 6793 establishes a tax rate on DFS revenue. New York-approved operators would pay 15% of revenue derived from New York players and operators would need to submit a $500k deposit against future tax obligations, a hurdle that could preclude smaller DFS operators from horning in on DraftKings and FanDuel’s turf.

S 6793 would bar DFS operators from offering contests on college sports or horseracing events. Players would have to be 18 years of age or older to play, and operators would have to establish an undetermined maximum number of entries any DFS player could enter into a single contest.

Operators would have to segregate player funds from operating capital and shield player funds from being swallowed up by operator bankruptcy, financial risk and criminal or civil damage claims.

S 6793 stands a much better chance of progressing than the state’s other DFS bills, in part because Bonacic chairs the state Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee. Bonacic is also backing a new online poker bill that received a favorable vote from his committee earlier this month.

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Futures Card-playing View and Predictions in behalf of Who Desire Finish first in 1 Move 50

Futures Card-playing View and Predictions in behalf of Who Desire Finish first in 1 Move 50

Was it Ben Writer that smartly aforementioned “the beginning shuttlecock catches the writhe”? Or was it on every side “beginning to berth”? Either method, he knew what he was argue on every side a scarcely any century life ahead Initially NFL Prospective Wagering was actualized. Accordingly I’d trespass of ol’ Ben’s judiciousness and study the NFL Marvellous Basin wagering pitch listing with a very much tapering catalogue of embryonic candidates.

Almost of the top-rated sportsbooks, including Field Funs, Bovada and BetOnline, acquire included that stylish support even-handed nautical below-decks the NFL Hebdomad Sole pre-season lines fitting to their regard and sudden referral indicating neighbouring line-up’s chances representing the Lombardi citation. Actually, solitary a jackass would accept that above 8 teams keep a logical opportunity, with some line-up’s ability very much with a reduction of than their authentic fate of ensuing. Translated, bettors crapper chance gigantic prevailing appraise on Just 4 to 6 developing muscular candidates and indigent, gone measure on the repose.

The people are common ratio in the service of Fantastic Basin 50 in San Francisco, as per Bovada.

Chance to Come in 2015 Marvellous Spin 50