A detailed look at Oscars betting

A detailed look at Oscars betting

Two weeks ago I wrote an early Oscars article looking for value bets and I believed there were some in a few categories including Best Picture. At the time The Revenant was trading between 8/5 and 9/5 odds and it was my belief that the film was the one to beat as it had won several major awards leading up to the BAFTA awards and its loss to Spotlight for best cast at the SAGs could be forgiven since it wasn’t nominated at those awards. Had the Revenant been nominated I’m certain it would have won. At the time I mentioned the film would probably be the favorite on Oscar day but I’m shocked how much it has dropped. Immediately after the BAFTA awards most betting sites had it trading as the 3/2 co-favorite with Spotlight but less than 2 weeks later as every prediction site now has The Revenant as the film to beat. The Revenant is trading between 4/9 and 2/5 odds. Spotlight has jumped to around 9/4 odds and The Big Short is now trading as high as 6/1.

The question is whether The Revenant is still worth it and the answer is yes. The Big Short will not win which really means only Spotlight can beat it but interviews with academy voters over the last week combined with the momentum it has seems to make it clear that most voters will be casting their ballots for The Revenant. Unfortunately for Spotlight, while it was an excellent film it still deals with a very dark topic of child abuse and most of the Academy voters just don’t seem interested in awarding that topic.

For Best Actor Leonardo DiCaprio will win. There’s a better chance of Marco Rubio making an announcement during the election campaign that he is in a gay marriage than there is of Leonardo DiCaprio not winning for his role in the Revenant. But at odds between 1/80 and 1/100 he’s just not bettable.

The same holds true for Best Actress where Brie Larson will win. For a while it appeared Cate Blanchett would give her a run for her money but Larson has won every single major award for her role in Room and her odds have tumbled to about 1/25 universally. Her chances of losing are actually better than DiCaprio and it would probably equate to Ted Cruz announcing he’s in a gay marriage during the election campaign rather than Rubio.

For Best Director Alejandro Inarritu will win back to back directing Oscars. Anyone who followed my advice and grabbed him at 2/7 odds is sitting pretty. Inarritu has won almost everything and most importantly the Directors Guild Award. He’s now trading at 1/10 odds generally. At those odds he’s still a lock although some pundits are still suggesting that George Miller can pull off the upset for his directing performance in Mad Max: Fury Road but that’s just a pipe dream. Is it worth taking 1/10 odds? A friend of mine would argue yes. He would suggest that if anyone could get a 10% return on their investment in one day they would grab it in a heartbeat since most investments now pay around 2% to 3% at best over a whole year. And if books actually allowed a wager of say $100,000 to win $10,000 he’d probably be right. But limits tend to be about $100 so whether it’s worth laying out $1,000 to win $100 is up to the individual. Personally it’s not something I’d be interested in.

For Best Supporting Actor Sylvester Stallone has stayed constant as the favorite and now trades generally between 2/7 and 1/4 odds. Mark Rylance’s odds have been consistent at about 3/1 for his role in Bridge of Spies despite his wins in a few major awards. There’s no question that Stallone will and should win this more as a legacy award than for his performance in Creed but that’s just how it is. That said Rylance could pull off the upset so at 1/4 odds it’s better to look at other categories for value.

For Best Supporting Actress I stated that Kate Winslet is a good bet at odds of around 7/2 for her role in Steve Jobs and I still maintain that. Rooney Mara is far too low at about the same odds and Alicia Vikander is the right favorite at odds between 2/5 and 1/3. She has won most of the awards and has been hailed for her performance in Danish Girl. This is just a hunch but I believe it will be similar to 1996 when Lauren Bacall was seen as a sure thing but lost to Juliette Binoche for her performance in The English Patient. Ironically that year when internet sportsbooks just started operating, the biggest sportsbook offered Bacall at 1/3 odds and Binoche at 4/1. Winslet, right or wrong, is still the more popular actress among her peers that Vikander.

For Best Animated Film it will go to Inside Out at odds between 1/100 and 1/150. There’s really nothing to say there although I did see Shaun the Sheep Movie and thought it was pretty entertaining although it has zero chance of beating Inside Out.

Best Original Screenplay will go to Spotlight at odds between 1/10 and 1/15 giving it the one token award. Inside Out is probably a better screenplay but the Academy has never awarded an animated film in this category before and won’t now either.

Best Adapted Screenplay will go to The Big Short at the same odds and for the same reason. Unfortunately for Room and Brooklyn the Academy has to give something to the picture that won the Producer’s Guild Award and this is one area where they will do so.

Best Cinematography will go to The Revenant. At odds between 1/20 and 1/25, however, look at other categories unless some book allow a parlay.

Best Film Editing is an interesting category because it often produces upsets. It seems to be between Mad Max:Fury Road at about 1/5 odds and The Big Short at 7/2. The latter film won the Producer’s Guild Award and Mad Max looks like it will win several other awards for sound and spectacular effects. This is just a hunch but at 7/2 odds The Big Short could be a good bet.

Best Visual Effects is between Star Wars:The Force Awakens and Mad Max:Fury Road. There’s no question Star Wars is great but these types of films always disappoint at the Oscars because the Academy is made up of stuck up snobs. They’ll almost certainly give it to the film that is nominated in all the big categories and at odds of about 8/5 could be a steal.

Best Original Score is between The Hateful Eight at odds of about 1/6 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens at odds of 7/2. If the Academy was made up of Sheldon Cooper types it would stand a chance but the majority of the Academy probably didn’t see it or could care less about the Star Wars dynasty. They will give it to The Hateful Eight whose score is better.

Best Original Song is always an interesting category because it often produces upsets. As a general rule I usually listen to the songs and pick according to what I like. And many times it pays off. It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp is a classic example. No one picked it to win but it was catchy and paid off handsomely at almost 8/1 odds. Unfortunately none of the songs this year are catchy. Certainly there’s no “When You Wish upon a Star” or “Beauty and The Beast” but rather the songs are all slow and boring. Til it Happens to You is the 2/5 favorite for Lady Gaga but it doesn’t stand out. It very well could win but I’m going to look elsewhere. Manta Ray at 30/1 has no chance and I doubt they’ll give it to the Opera rendition of Simple Song #3 at 8/1 odds. The other two songs, however, could provide an upset. Writing’s on the Wall by Sam Smith has a real chance at 4/1 odds. The song isn’t great but it’s certainly no worse than Lady Gaga’s song and Sam Smith is as popular a singer as Lady Gaga, both being recent Grammy Award winners. Earned It by The Weeknd at odds of 7/1 could also pull off the upset. It’s the most melodious song of the bunch and The Weeknd were raved about at this year’s Grammys. As such I’m going to propose taking both. Effectively it would entail going against Lady Gaga and receiving 2/1 on Sam Smith and 7/2 on The Weeknd once the odds are halved.

Best Foreign Film is usually a good bet for an upset, but not this year. Son of Saul has won everything to date and will win here too at odds of about 1/15.

Best Documentary Feature appears to be between Amy which is about Amy Winehouse’s life and Cartel Land about the fight against Mexican drug cartels. Both films have been highly regarded and both have won awards but Amy is a topic more in the Academy can identify with and the music was excellent. At odds of about 1/4 it appears to be a virtual lock.

Best Costume Design as I suggested in the last article the award should go to Mad Max:Fury Road and it is now the favorite at odds of about 4/5. Carol could pull an upset but Cinderella has no chance.

Best Makeup and Hair Styling is between Mad Max:Fury Road and The Revenant. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared is gone for good and has zero chance of returning for this award. Mad Max probably has the better makeup and hairstyling and if I worked at Fantastic Sam I would likely have an even bigger opinion. But the 1/6 odds are too low so I’ll take a very small flyer on The Revenant at 7/2 odds because DiCaprio has nice hair.

Best Production Design will go to Mad Max: Fury Road at odds of 1/12. The Revenant is the biggest contender but that picture will win its awards elsewhere.

Best Sound Editing and Sound Mixing will go to the same film, they always do. Mad Max:Fury Road is the favorite but I have a hunch they will award this to The Revenant as it takes a large haul of awards. At odds around 3/2 in both categories it seems a good bet.

Best Documentary Short should still go to Body Team 12 for reasons I mentioned in the last article. Surprisingly though the odds on that film are soaring. It has moved down to about the even money favorite while Spectres of the Shoah have dropped to about 6/5 odds. When that happens I always get suspicious of insider knowledge about a relatively nothing category and for that reason I now recommend people avoid betting this category.

Best Live Action Short looks to be between Ave Maria, Shok and Stutterer. The latter likely won’t win as it’s not enough of a hard hitting topic so that leaves Ave Maria about a group of Israeli settlers trying to get nuns home from the West Bank and Shok about the war in Kosovo. The latter has won quite a few other awards, is the most intense topic and I believe will take home the Oscar at around 5/2 odds.

Best Animated Short is between Sanjay’s Super Team and World of Tomorrow. The former film is about 5/7 and the latter 7/5. Sanjay’s Super Team is almost certainly the favorite because it’s a Pixar film but the latter received better reviews, has won other awards and has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I’ll take World of Tomorrow to get the nod.

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GAN to take over as the online gaming partner for Borgata

GAN to take over as the online gaming partner for Borgata

Bogarta Casino Hotel & Spa in New Jersey may soon be replacing their long standing iGaming partner bwin.party with services from GAN.

Bogarta has been reconsidering their partnership with bwin.party since it was acquired by holdings company GVG Holdings Plc earlier this month.

GAN – the new partner

GAN formerly known as GameAccount Network entered a partnership in December 2015 to provide Bogarta with their free-to-play Simulated Gaming product. If Bogarta can get regulatory approval from the state of New Jersey and then decide to grant the contract to GAN, they can link their free-to-play product to the casino’s ‘My Bogarta Rewards’ system to lure customers back to the venue. GAN would then also be allowed to go ahead and install their iGaming platform, GameSTACK, in to Bogarta’s Atlantic City property.

Bogarta is an established brand in the New Jersey’s regulated online gaming market. Dermot Smurfit, Chief Executive Officer of GAN stated that GAN has the market position to serve as an enterprise-level solution for both Simulated Gaming and real-money Regulated Gaming. He also added that they already have the single technology platform that can serve both purposes if needed.

Bigger future plans

Bogarta plans to start offering their Simulated Gaming services to their out of state patrons later this year; if GAN is given the contract, they can simultaneously provide real money Regulated Gaming to the patrons resident in New Jersey. Tom Balance, president and chief operating officer of Bogarta stated that in the instance GAN and Bogarta do go into partnership, the brand power of Bogarta and capacity and experience of GAN can certainly pave the way to a successful future. He added that the launch will add another element to the range of offerings that Bogarta already provides for their customers. Finally, if they wish to extend the contract, GAN already has a real money Internet gaming product ready to launch.

The Borgata Casino Hotel & Spa, operate online services of Party Poker and the World Poker Tour, in New Jersey. Through its partnership with Party Poker, they often combine live events at the Borgata Poker Room and World Poker Tour events with online tournaments. BorgataCasino.com also offers a full slate of casino games including slots, table games and video poker for their customers.

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Lottery shift leads to drop in number of UK gamblers

Lottery shift leads to drop in number of UK gamblers

Gambling participation dropped by more than 10% in the UK during 2015 as fewer people bought tickets for the National Lottery.

According to figures released by the Gambling Commission, participation fell from 57% of the adult population to about 45%, with the decrease attributed to the National Lottery now attracting 32% of people, as opposed to 46% during the previous year.

However, participation excluding the National Lottery was also down year-on-year from 33% to 27%.

Paul Hope, the Gambling Commission’s programme director, said: “It’s vital that we monitor gambling trends and behaviour across society.

“Reports such as these are essential for us when developing regulations and for the Government when developing public policies on gambling.”

The National Lottery remains by far the most popular gambling activity in the UK, with 11% of respondents playing other lotteries and 10% buying scratchcards.

Of the 1,000 people interviewed each quarter over the course of the year, 3% played bingo, while 3.7% and 3.5% bet on horseracing and sports, respectively.

The report said that 25 to 34-year-olds are most likely to use mobile and tablet devices, bet in-play and gamble outside of the home.

Laptops are the preferred devices among all age groups for online gambling while those aged under 45 are most likely to use mobiles or tablets to gamble in addition to laptops.

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Fantasy Sports are Skill-Based, Claims Draftkings

Fantasy Sports are Skill-Based, Claims Draftkings

In legal filings citing horse racing and mah jong games, DraftKings, under attack for allegedly offering online illegal sports gambling, said fantasy sports are skill-based games-and ones that are already legal.

In a brief filed yesterday in New York’s Appellate Division, the online fantasy betting site stated that prosecutors have not met their burden in proving DraftKings allows participants to gamble on fantasy sports or that the games harm anyone. “DraftKings serves as nothing more than an administrator that collects entry fees, sets contest rules, calculates points, and awards prizes to the winners of [fantasy sports] contests,” the Feb. 22 brief states, saying a trial court erred in granting an injunction against the company’s fantasy sports. Common factors in fantasy sports such as athlete selection, team salary caps, and limits on how often a player can tinker with his or her fantasy team suggest the games are more skill-based than luck-based, according to the filing, which was filed by DraftKings’ attorney David Boies of Boies, Schiller, & Flexner.

Last fall, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman targeted DraftKings and FanDuel for allegedly offering gambling on fantasy sports and issued cease-and-deist letters against the two sites. FanDuel and DraftKings each filed lawsuits against Schneiderman after he shut down their business. In December, New York Judge Manuel Mendez barred DraftKings and Fanduel from taking wagers, saying even though the two sites avoided words like “wagering” or “betting” they still clearly engaged in gambling.

Mendez said New York penal code defines gambling as a “contest of chance” in which a person “stakes or risks something of value.” He referenced the two sites’ entry fees, which can be as much as $10,000, as “something of value.” That injunction a wrongly granted, however, as Schneiderman failed to prove fantasy sports are gambling, the company said in a Feb. 22 brief. The brief states the fantasy sports games are games of skill with entry fees and award prizes, not gambling enterprises.

“Rather than identify the concrete and immediate harms necessary to obtain a preliminary injunction, the NYAG instead resorted to conclusory attacks and speculation,” the brief states. “If the NYAG had actual evidence that they caused imminent public harm, he would have identified it to the trial court. “Daily fantasy sports contests have been offered openly and transparently in New York for nearly a decade,” the filing continues. “The NYAG’s decision not to seek an injunction against such contests until recently belies any urgency in the drastic remedy it no seeks.”

In October, citing New York anti-gambling laws from the 1980s, Schneiderman likened fantasy sports betting to poker. “A small number of professional gamblers profit at the expense of casual players,” he wrote in November, noting that “the top one percent of DraftKings’ winners receive the vast majority of the winnings.”

The Feb. 22 filing states that seemingly unfair statistic proves fantasy sports is not gambling, since those with greater skill are able to do better. The filing also draws parallels between fantasy sports games and horse racing. “Just as the horse owner competes based on the performance of his horse and jockey, so does the [DraftKings] player compete based on the performance of his selected fantasy team,” the 67-page filing states. Further, after the start of a horse race-or a football or baseball game-the horse owner or fantasy sports player has no further control over the outcome, the filing states.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office reiterated that the two sites should be prohibited from taking bets in New York State. “Daily fantasy sports are skill-based games that are, and should be, legal,” attorney David Boies said in a statement. “[DraftKings'] contests are no less legal than season-long fantasy sports, which the Attorney General has repeatedly conceded are legal.” If the injunction were allowed to remain in place, it would “force DraftKings to shutter its business in New York, depriving its 375,000 New York customers of the contests they have enjoyed for years, and causing DraftKings to lose millions of dollars in unrecoverable revenue,” the filing states. FanDuel was founded in 2009 and DraftKings in 2012. Both have operated publicly since their inception and boast millions of customers nationwide.

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Virginia Poised To Be First State To Legalize Daily Fantasy Sports

Virginia Poised To Be First State To Legalize Daily Fantasy Sports

Lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly are poised to make the Old Dominion the first state to legalize daily fantasy sports — online gaming where players assemble imaginary teams and put money on how they compete based on statistical performance.

Daily fantasy has exploded in recent years with the creation of companies like FanDuel and DraftKings, and states across the country have responded in different ways. Some, like New York and Illinois, have taken action to outlaw fantasy sports as gambling. That’s prompted a reaction from industry leaders, who are now trying to craft regulations in more than two dozen states.

Virginia is poised to be the first state to legalize these games and create regulations for what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.

“I think it’s important that we sort of establish a sort of regulatory framework because right now it is the Wild West,” says Del. Marcus Simon (D-53) of Falls Church. “There are no regulations at all. No consumer protections. Nothing to prevent kids from playing.”

Advocates for the legislation say betting on daily fantasy sports is not gambling because it’s a game of skill rather than a game of chance. But University of Illinois professor John Warren Kindt disagrees. Kindt, who studies gambling, is here in Richmond trying to persuade lawmakers that fantasy sports should be considered gambling and it should be illegal.

“Basically what it does is that it destabilizes economic institutions and financial institutions,” says Kindt. ” If we have daily fantasy sports, literally you can click your mouse lose your house, click your phone lose your home.”

Bills to legalize fantasy sports have passed both the House 79 to 19 and the Senate 28 to 10. The bills set a minimum age limit of 18 and outline rules against computer manipulation of results. But they’ve also come under criticism for not raising money for the state. Del. Alfonso Lopez (D-49) of Arlington says taxpayers should get a piece of the action.

“Virginia doesn’t get a piece of this,” says Lopez. “I mean, if we’re going to regulate it. If we’re going to allow this kind of gambling to go on in Virginia we should at least get some kind of benefit from it.”

That’s not a view shared by Republicans.

“I did not bring it in to be a tax increase bill, so I was not about to tax these companies,” says Del. Jackson Miller (R-50), of Manassas. “And so what I wanted to do is to put some consumer protections in there but also make it so that the over one point two million Virginians who play it now can continue to play it.”

Miller says if the General Assembly doesn’t take action, he’s concerned opponents could go after the industry as illegal gambling the way they did in New York and Illinois.

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New Jersey passes skill-based gaming regulations

New Jersey passes skill-based gaming regulations

Atlantic City casinos could soon offer skill-based gaming through new regulations issued by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

The rules for the devices include provision over the percentage of bets collected and prohibit casinos from making the games harder or easier to win while a game is in progress, based on the perceived skill of the player.

Monitoring programmes are to be introduced to guard against collusion or money laundering in multi-player peer-to-peer games.

The rules are similar to those put in place in Nevada last year, with New Jersey stating that any device approved there would be allowed in Atlantic City as well.

David Rebuck, NJDGE’s director, said: “This is another important step towards implementing skill-based gaming in the Atlantic City gaming market.

“Although the Division has had the authority to authorise these games for some time and announced in October 2014 an initiative for manufacturers to bring their skill-based games to New Jersey, the industry requested specific regulations to guide their efforts to create innovative skill-based products.”

Rebuck said that under a fast-track provision, manufacturers who bring their skill-based devices to New Jersey before any other jurisdiction can have them in operation on a casino floor within 14 days of approval.

While skill games have not been launched yet in Nevada, it is believed that gambling versions of popular titles such as ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Angry Birds’ are being developed.

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All-Star Game Betting – Join the NASGB and Just Say No!

All-Star Game Betting - Join the NASGB and Just Say No!

There is no doubt or denial we often utilize this space to promote & evangelize all sports wagering. Often at popular options including Nevada outlets and leading offshore sportsbooks. But to offer credibility, we’re diverting this week toward a rare exception. A plea to NOT BET, in a bigger cause to make things right for not only sports but better wagering overall in the near future. Here’s why.

Anyone who recently watched this year’s NBA All-Star Game must agree it was just that. Not a sporting event, but a pure game with no competition whatsoever and no respect for the rules of basketball and history of a great event. A chance for multimillion-dollar contract buddies to stage a friendly pick-up with no defense to plan out their newest dunks and alley-oop pass plays. For wagering purposes, no better reason and frankly insultingly worse. Forget anyone who had any intelligent opinion on who was the wagering choice between the Eastern & Western Conferences. I believe most top offshore sportsbooks agreed on the West, by virtue of the unstoppable Golden State Warriors stars to be a -3 favorite. The game was played in Toronto. Whether that is in the East or West could be a livelier discussion than the Republican Debates but certainly no home court advantage.

The really intriguing aspect was the GAME TOTAL or Over/Under, traditionally the largest betting pool for large, popular sportsbooks BetOnline, Bovada and Diamond Sports. Like any other event, before peeking at the number I made an estimate based on the previous year’s record point totals. Maybe 290 or 295? We know the average NBA basketball game is around 190-215 O/U.

Would you believe Bovada and most other sportsbooks online adn in Las Vegas had the game listed at 324!!

Fast forward to an embarrassing 196-173 West win final score that not only shattered the all-time record but made 324 look like an easy number. I could have scored 10 points myself with no defense and players inviting me into the lane for uncontested showboat slams. I would have bragged 20 points, but I can’t dunk.

The point is until we stop supporting and BETTING all these useless, forgettable All-Star games, they will continue an awful habit to waste time and your wagering money on better opportunities. And if you believe it’s just the sham the NBA has created, we strictly remind you to join the NASGB movement in not betting the MLB, NHL or NFL Pro Bowl game either. Or what is now called Team Irvin vs. Team Rice. A offer you some compelling evidence:

MLB All-Star Game

Perhaps this should upset sports fans the most as this game has or HAD traditionally the most historical value and memorable stature. Mid-July always meant the time to watch the other league’s stars when you did not have the opportunity to see them. Advancing into the Internet and 20-channel ESPN age has dramatically changed that. However, it was necessary to put the incentive of playing the 7th game at home in the World Series to give fans the means to not fall asleep.

Wagering-wise is another story. Most pitchers dare not go more than 2 innings, therefore it’s impossible to guess an NL or AL manager’s thinking. Also, playing in the game is not a true care for a player anymore. Just making the All-Star team is tied into their contract incentive proposal and a much higher value. Beyond noticing the starting line-up and imagining who might be playing for how long, why would you bet on who has the advantage? Again, I don’t want to sound like a kill-joy but this is right up there with dog racing as a handicapping challenge.

NFL Pro Bowl

Speaking of dogs, it’s time as they say to “shoot the dog”. And I love dogs. But this one has to be put out of its misery or find some other method to be meaningful to avoid embarrassment.

While the beautiful Hawaiian location is meaningful to the locals and the player’s wives, there has to be a better way to stage a real football competition. Similar to the NBA All-Star Game, the defenders are merciful trying their best not to get hurt nor injure any other players as priority one. Certainly not with an entire six-month off-season looming. But who could ever remember the scores of these games, who played for who or what reason they are legitimately necessary?

Also similar to the NBA game, the Over/Under total is the most intriguing aspect and gets the most wagering support. This year featured a bloated 72 total at most of the preferred offshore sportsbooks. If you thought you were going to “wise-guy” your way into a clever bet, forget about it. Team Rice & Team Irvin came through again for a forgettable 49-27 final score and another easy Over win. Well, at least it took until the last two minutes to decide the Total, but not the spread outcome.

These “totals” bets might be more predictable than Trump primary scores but don’t think somebody is not taking notice. Look for Nevada and online sportsbooks to post unattainable NBA & NFL Pro-Bowl Total betting numbers in 2017.

The NHL All-Star Game wasn’t even a game and a retirement ceremony for Jaromir Jagr. Ditto for the NBA and a goodbye for Kobe Bryant. The Pro Bowl highlighted the very last game for the Raiders Charles Woodson. Ironically, the most entertaining aspect of the 2015 All-Star Baseball game was letting Pete Rose on the field in Cincinnati. Of course, if MLB let him play that would have ended sports wagering forever, right? Thankfully, not much proposition wagering or even fantasy wagering in Charlie Hustle’s day.

A Suggestion Let’s show some respect again for these All-Star games. Make the players develop some sort of meaningful competition similar to what brought them there above their peers. Mandate they play a certain amount of time and/or give it a 100% effort. If not, it is a waste of time and certainly a waste of your wagering time, thought and evaluation. Save your money for what happens after the break or in the case of NFL football, the following week into the Super Bowl. Join the NASGB – No All-Star Game Betting. We therefore won’t be watching on TV and those sacred Nielsen ratings will dramatically fall off. Imagine what would happen if all Americans continued that threat into the regular season? Something insane and crazy might happen – like legalized & regulated U.S. sports wagering.

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