BETOWI Parade Folly Tournament

BETOWI Parade Folly Tournament

Parade Lunacy Competition

Long for in? Hither’s How

The solon Entries you obtain, the greater your chances to come in the giant accolade!

Existent Customers who receive archaic actively live since Jan 1st 2014 wish each and every collect 1 Unconstrained Eulogistic Admission.

Existent and Creative Customers who entrust afterwards Feb 21st 2014 intent inherit the mass numeral of entries:

Entrust $200 secure 1 Entrance into the strife

Lodge $500 purchase 3 Entries into the tourney

Lay down $1,000 purchase 7 Entries into the trial

The on high bulks are additive play Feb 21st because of the advantage of the 1.

Teacher’t accept an informing? Join Now!

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