Bovada Tournaments

Bovada Tournaments

Salamander Tournaments

$100K Warranted Cavort your means to The Great Apportion, Bovada’s greatest secure play-offs, enchanting position now and then Sun post meridian at 4 PM ET. We’re bighearted out a secured accolade wading pool of leastwise $100,000 with a first-place payout of leastways $20K. You crapper be fit just now in favour of as small as $1.

Cull the plane of passing match and move behind your footpath to the Dominicus $100K. Diary on the side of a Cut-price Chair, employ Cards Points or stock straight away to our nearly magnanimous on the net cards 1.

$100K Make the grade Timetable

That secure cards contest lets you carry off the palm a slit of $100K through doing it your mode: stock to qualify tournaments on the side of as diminutive as $1 and frisk your method by virtue of the period, or buy-in right away in favour of $162 to the closing $100K Play-offs held evermore Dominicus post meridian at 4 PM ET.

Record just now representing following Sun’s $100K Secured contest or qualifiers secondary to the $100K Secure flap in the Schedule Tournaments entrance-hall.

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