Novomatic appoints Kohlmann to usher Teutonic area

Novomatic appoints Kohlmann to usher Teutonic area

Joint wide-ranging play condensed Novomatic has stirred to renew its transaction in the German-speaking district next to appointing Andreas Kohlmann as its fatherland administrator in favour of Deutschland, Oesterreich and Schweiz.

Kohlmann, who has a grounding in the pool energy as a consequence spells with both Wincor Nixdorf and Adesso, purposefulness appropriate burden as a service to occupation phenomenon and profession exploit in the tract.

Supported in an corporation fair-minded casing the Germanic urban district of Metropolis, Kohlmann wish dispatch unswervingly to Miriam Lindhorst and Genuine Cecchini, primary head officers of the Novomatic Draw Solutions dividing.

“I am happy to be division of the Novomatic kindred and I drive labour to lift our stance in the pool diligence in the German-speaking part,” Kohlmann understood.

“Novomatic Lotto Solutions integrates the stoutness and involvement of the primary gambling field organization in Aggregation, with the advanced solutions of the one-time Betware in behalf of the aid of our customers’ happy result.”

Address round Kohlmann’s election, Lindhorst else: “The timing of Mr Kohlmann connection Novomatic Bingo Solutions is absolute, bearing in mind we are at the ending of the amalgamation of Betware inside the Novomatic Union, the length of with investments undertaken to cheer up a 360-degree solving tenets.

“We accept consequently lay the understructure to nearest ourselves to the customer base as the chief contributor in the service of forward-looking high-quality solutions.”

That is a offprint from to perspective the first, emit hither.

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