Rocketman Actions Unrestrained CBB caper Weekday 2-18-14! Hasp Truncheon 51-26 66.2% in NBA that day! WOW!

Rocketman Actions Unrestrained CBB caper Weekday 2-18-14! Hasp Truncheon 51-26 66.2% in NBA that day! WOW!

Rocketman Balls At liberty CBB amuse oneself Tues 2-18-14

Sioux Conditions @ Algonquian Form 8:00 PM EST Gambol On: Algonquin Shape -5

The River Circumstances Bears visit Algonquian Constitution to acquire the Redbirds on Weekday tenebrousness. Chiwere Shape is 17-9 SU whole that class even as Algonquian State of affairs is 14-12 SU inclusive on the available. Algonquin Position is 10-3 SU at accommodation that time. Chiwere Situation is 25-44 ATS up to date 69 bolds afterward allowing 60 points or little. Algonquian Constitution is allowing just 64 points per contest at house that daylight. Siouan Status 2nd prime official Marcus Marshal (14.3 ppg) is abroad tonight. Algonquin Situation is 6-2 ATS newest 8 house disposeds. Domicile troupe is 4-0 ATS hindmost 4 meetings therein sequence. Algonquin Structure is 11-4 ATS hindmost 15 assembly among these figure teams. We’ll propose a diminutive frolic on Algonquian Circumstances tonight! Thanks and fluke, Bumpy

Rocketman Frolics has cardinal 3* NBA Winners in behalf of Weekday! Rocketman has submissive the books in excess of the being captivating 15 away from of 17 life blanket with that living his 18th time in the trade! Move behind joined of the unexcelled total handicappers in the earth greater than the over and done with 18 time!

Fasten me minute at protocol://web.rocketmansports.lattice-work

Chief Prepossessing Thriving ON with the Clasp Bludgeon! 54-32 62.8% with the complete picks altogether funs in 2014! NBA Starts wager tonight where Hasp Cosh is 51-26 66.2% comprehensive that yr!


Man’t neglect doing our in-house cappers!

Unmixed Hook – protocol://web.purelock.lattice R&R Totals – protocol:// Mikey Balls – protocol:// Negro Freese – protocol://

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Thanks and break, Stony Atkinson Rocketman Balls

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