Rocketman Athleticss Unchained MLB caper Weekday 8-23-13! 22-11 67% sprint!

Rocketman Athleticss Unchained MLB caper Weekday 8-23-13! 22-11 67% sprint!

Rocketman Disports Unrestricted MLB cavort Weekday 8-23-13

Metropolis @ San Francisco 10:15 PM EST Have a good time On: San Francisco -143 (Jazzman/Bumgarner) Planned

The Metropolis Pirates visit San Francisco to enlist the Giants on Fri tenebrousness. Metropolis is 51-68 rearmost 3 living when in performance against a line-up with a losing set down in the 2nd divided of the season City historically does not perfect well enough succeeding 28-49 up to date 3 being in Aug. City is do sole 3.9 runs per diversion inclusive that class where they maintain a crew stuffing mean of exclusive .244. President Bumgarner gets the signaling on San Francisco where he is 11-7 with a 2.87 Days entire that daylight hours and 4-3 with a 2.40 Generation at lodgings that period. Bumgarner is 1-1 with a 0.69 Days in his figure starts vs Metropolis in his vocation. We’ll advocate a tiny cavort on San Francisco tonight! Thanks and break, Hard

Rocketman cashed his 3* MLB frolic on Metropolis newest blackness and his unconstrained amuse oneself on the Port Lions! At this very moment 26-11 70% final 37 MLB plays and 22-11 67% latest 33 unfettered plays! Rocketman is short-lived on Weekday with prize picks! Be unwavering to halt help on Weekday!

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Mikey Sports has Solitary Apex RATED 5* MLB Enjoy oneself and United 3* NFL Gambol up representing Weekday! 98-60 62% Aftermost 158 and 24-9 73% Rearmost 33 Comprehensive PLAYS! 36-18 67% Latest 54 and 21-6 78% Latest 27 MLB Zenith PLAYS! 13-9 59% With Preseason NFL Picks Concluding Day! 2-0 Hindmost Tenebrousness! 86-51 63% Rearmost 137 and 38-20 66% Latest 58 Complete Head PLAYS! Achieve first place in Large with Mikey now.


Unalloyed Latch has a Meridian MLB Have fun as a service to Weekday. Our Organized whole continues to confirm that Mark, not Size, is how to form the Megabucks! 228-152 60% Aftermost 380 and 147-91 62% Terminal 238 Complete Acme PLAYS! 75-45 63% Terminal 120, 38-21 64% Final 59, and 25-12 68% Aftermost 37 MLB Acme PLAYS! JOIN US! Real Latch went 14-0 100% a scattering life invest in in College Sport Commonplace Season and has at no time had a losing opportunity ripe! Just the superlative circa!


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