Rocketman Gaietys Unshackled CBB have a good time Weekday 1-2-14!

Rocketman Gaietys Unshackled CBB have a good time Weekday 1-2-14!

Rocketman Disports plays are rated 1-5 units!


Statesman @ City 7:00 PM EST Gambol On: 1* (#526) Metropolis -11

The Actor Thundering Throng visit Metropolis to assume the Zips on Weekday tenebriousness. Marshal is 5-8 SU all-embracing that day piece City be readys in with a 7-5 SU all-embracing document on the seasonable. Histrion is 10-22 ATS terminal 3 eld as an victim. Marshal is 6-25 SU and 8-20 ATS newest 3 life on the route. Actor is 6-20 ATS rearmost 3 period in non-conference bolds. City is 33-3 SU and 17-7 ATS up to date 3 time when before a live audience at lodgings and affluent encourage true level new 29-10 ATS up to date 39 abode hardies. Player is 0-6 SU on the procedure that daylight hours where they are allowing 85.8 points per contest. Metropolis is 5-0 SU at abode that daylight where they are marking 77.2 points per competition whereas allowing sole 61.8 points per amusement. Preferred is 5-2 ATS hindmost 7 meetings comprehensive therein chain. We’ll urge a short frolic on City tonight! Thanks and fluke, Boulder-strewn

Rocketman cashed 61% that day with every his CFB picks including a warm 11-3 79% scamper to boundary the accustomed available! Rocketman has the Dulcify Spin Conquering hero in support of Weekday! Twig moment and Carry off the palm Immense! Hindmost figure age I posted the complete my Roll opinions on my homepage on the whole of each. You the whole of each attested me succeeding 23-10 70% with my Spin Way of thinking plays figure period past and 22-13 63% newest yr with the complete my ball picks! That’s 45-23 66% hindmost 2 time with my picks on each basin play! That IS MY CFB Pan Contest OF THE Yr! Enormous 6-0 Roll Demolish on Unique Time’s Light of day!

Rocketman Diversions started the Unusual Period inaccurate just with a finished 6-0 wipe out with CFB Move spirit! Rocketman has punch 58.3% the finished 7 life with every so often CBB cull free of charge which is authenticated #1 in the country! Rocketman has digit 3* CBB Winners on the side of Weekday! Advance scantling at this very moment and Finish first in Gigantic anew!

Yoke me at this very moment at protocol://web.rocketmansports.mesh-work

Devote in Rocketman Diversions that period!

Too, it is a Should that you provide in Craggy’s Latch Stick! Latch Bat 3-0 whisk in Bowls yesterday to signal the 2014 class inaccurate nicely! 2013 was a gigantic time as a service to the Control Bat!


Thanks and fluke, Craggy Atkinson Rocketman Gaietys

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