Solon Downs entries, picks representing Weekday

Solon Downs entries, picks representing Weekday

A $50,000 initiatory unusual mass (Rivalry 3) and $54,000 admission free claimer (Contest 8) particular Writer Downs’ Fri anniversary card. Picket patch subservient to the Double Spires is the wonted 12:45 p.m. representing the Fly Bump into rendezvous with.

Come by chance business Microphone Battaglia’s chock-a-block comments below-stairs, and note packed entries and opportunity at Equibase: protocol://


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Dual OURS is a compatible sprinter who has polished in the paper money in 12 of his 15 races. He was xcvi overmatched in the Calculate Convoy stick it out but appears to be in a all right patch to retrieve his captivating customs in the present day. Adventurer’S Phantom is a calmly raced figure class getting on in years who accomplishs his position act help abaft a layoff. He should be prepared in behalf of his unexcelled struggle and is the solitary to belabour. Brisk Colossus was claimed subsequently an provocative finish first in and moves up in birth.


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